Wheelchairs and Mobility Scooters

Purchasing a wheelchair or scooter can be complicated and costly as there are so many different types of powered scooters now available, from a wide variety of retailers. It can be hard for an individual to know what type is best for them and where to purchase it from.

Makin Life Easier can assess and advise on all forms of wheelchairs and powered scooters. From powered wheelchairs to Class 2 and Class 3 indoor/outdoor scooters. Kate will discuss with an individual what they wish to use a wheelchair or scooter for, whether for indoor or outdoor use and whether for road or non road use. An assessment can then be undertaken to establish an individual's safety and ability to operate the various types of wheelchair and powered vehicles available.

Further information and advice can also be offered on insurance, storage, accessibility, charging and transportation of any wheelchair or scooter. Makin Life Easier can assess and recommend any additional equipment that may be required such as a ramp to be able to get the wheelchair or scooter safely in/out of the house, or car ramps or hoists to enable safe transportation.

A comprehensive service is provided to ensure that the client gets the type of wheelchair or scooter that they would like and to ensure that they are safe and competent in operating and charging this. Makin Life Easier will only recommend equipment that will meet the client's needs and that they safe to operate and maintain.

From assessment, to trials and demonstrations, to the ordering and equipment handover Makin Life Easier can take the stress away from purchasing a wheelchair or scooter in a market that can be overwhelming and complex. Makin Life Easier strongly believes that by having an experienced therapist present during this process clients will be guided correctly and not left with a wheelchair or scooter that they are unable to manage or unsafe to use.

Having a wheelchair or scooter for those with restricted mobility can be life changing and provide significant freedom and independence. Makin Life Easier is keen to support and enable this and has undertaken wheelchair and scooter assessments for many individuals, as well as various Charities and Benevolent Funds.

Being independent and not connected to any one company Makin Life Easier will offer impartial advice and ensure that the client's needs are fully met.


No obligation trials and demonstrations can be arranged, at a client's home, as Makin Life Easier has strong links with many national, and local, wheelchair and scooter suppliers.