'Dear Kate, I am writing to thank you for your report in the court case for one of clients who was seriously injured and disabled in an accident at work. I would like, in particular, to commend you for the way you responded instantly to my intial request, and the manner in which you were happy to drive the issues forward without the need for prompting and follow-up. This was beneficial to both myself and the client, as it instantly removed a great weight from our shoulders, and gave us confidence, from the very beginning, that you knew exactly what you were doing, and that your report would be comprehensive and thorough. This was obvious from your finished product - the report. If further evidence of this were need, it was in fact that neither I nor the anyone in my legal team asked a follow-up question regarding your report.

I was also very impressed by the speed with which you were able to assimilate all the background paperwork, and carry out the home visit, interview, your research, and the compilation of your report. In particular I was grateful to you for the large amount of travelling involved at such relatively short notice. You knew exactly what you were doing.

lastly, we are very grateful for the budgetary costing which was clear and unambiguous. The final result was within your estimate of cost, itself not an easy task, given the number of unknown factors likely to be encountered on the journey.

From Frank Cannon, Aviation Accident Lawyer 


'My brother suffered a significant anoxic brain injury 5 years ago and I employed Kate to work with him on a 1:1 basis in 2015, visiting him twice a week over a 6 month period. The care setting my brother was in at that time had little structure or meaningful day to day activities.

 Kate provided additional support and input to motivate and engage my brother in a wide variety of stimulating activities that he could enjoy and participate in. With her knowledge and expertise, and innovative strategies, she built up a relationship where she was able to explore my brothers interests and develop ways for carers, and family, to incorporate these into his day to day activities.

Regular written reports were invaluable in gaining more insight into my brothers difficulties and also, more importantly, in providing professional reports to support our case to have my brother transferred to a much more suitable, long term care setting. 

Throughout Kate was professional, hardworking, friendly and supportive and I can't recommend her highly enough'

Jane also stated that 'I have pleasure in forwarding a testimonial and if anyone ever wanted to speak to me directly I would be happy to oblige'.

From Jane, Durham

'I had a lengthy assessment interview/ recommendations to help with daily life, and a follow up visit to evaluate further equipment. The second visit also included a review of equipment already provided. I found it extremely beneficial. After months of struggling it made my life so much easier. It enabled me to do certain things for the  first time since my accident.

Excellent communication I was made fully aware of what was happening at all stages.

I could not have asked for anything more. If something was not quite as useful as expected Kate researched and sourced something more appropriate.

It is always difficult having strangers come to your home and talk at times about personal issues. Kate was sympathetic, knowledgeable ,efficient and a pleasure to deal with. She went out of her way to help. I would not hesitate to recommend her services to anyone'

From Barbara, Cheshire.

'It would be to find anything that I would change about the service we received, the whole process from start to finish was delivered in a very caring, compassionate and professional manner. I would highly recommend Kate, she is thorough, communicates very well and is highly professional. She is very credible and knowledgeable'

From Annette, Doncaster

I received an Occupational Therapy report regarding our living conditions for a Government Department. The service was excellent and very precise and Kate returned all calls and emails promptly. The final report was brilliant, well presented and exactly what was required’.

From Allen, Warrington