Makin Life Easier has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of specialist seating and has always been one of the key aspects of Occupational Therapy that Makin Life Easier is most passionate about. Poor seating can lead to significant physical and postural complications as well as pain and discomfort for the user.

It may be that clients are having difficulty getting in and out of their standard armchair who then require a riser recliner chair to assist them to stand. Makin Life Easier is able to assess for this need, recommend specific riser recliner chairs to meet the individual’s needs and then arrange a free, no obligation trial of the chair. If the client then wishes to proceed Makin Life Easier is then able to complete the whole process from ordering, to arranging delivery and set up, to handover and demonstration of the equipment.

This means that the client has the reassurance of knowing that the chair has been recommended for them by a highly skilled Occupational Therapist and that they have also had the opportunity to ‘try before they buy’.

Makin Life Easier routinely undertakes seating assessments for clients with more complex physical needs for example who may not be able to stand to get in and out of a chair or who are unable to sit unsupported. From bespoke tilt in space easy chairs to moulded seating Makin Life Easier can assess, recommend, and provide any form of specialist seating. Again, in most instances, a trial can be arranged and any specialist seating would be fully demonstrated and set up to ensure safe and effective use.

Examples of seating that Makin Life Easier can assess, recommend and provide are:

  • Riser recliners
  • Tilt in space easy chairs
  • ‘P Pod’ bean bag chairs
  • Bespoke seating
  • Office seating