Activities of Daily Living Assessment

Makin Life Easier carries out functional assessments to determine a client’s level of ability and is then able to advise on how to maximise a client’s functional ability and promote their level of independence. Usually this will involve recommendations for disability aids or adaptations or for specialist treatment or rehabilitation. A comprehensive report is provided to all clients outlining their needs and how best these can be met.


Aids and Adaptations

Makin Life Easier can assess for and recommend disability equipment covering a wide range of difficulties including bathing, seating, mobility, toileting, personal care, eating and drinking, meal and drink preparation and moving and handling.
Adaptations that Makin Life Easier can assess for and provide advice on include stair lifts, through floor lifts, ramps, level access showers and wet rooms.
Makin Life Easier also routinely undertakes housing assessments and advises on housing suitability, potential adaptations and is often involved in the planning and design of major housing adaptations.


Specialist Intervention

Makin Life Easier can provide specialist Occupational Therapy intervention programmes including desensitisation treatment for hand and upper limb injury and functional rehabilitation.
Makin Life Easier regularly provides 1:1 personalised activity programmes to clients living in care homes or to individuals living in their own home who wish to improve their mobility and level of activity and engagement.

Expert Report

Expert Witness Conplex Reports

Makin Life Easier is able to provide high quality expert witness reports in the fields of both Occupational Therapy and Care/ Occupational Therapy. Makin Life Easier can provide quantum reports instructed on behalf of the Claimant, Defendant or on a joint instruction basis. These reports can include personal injury, road traffic accident claims, work accidents and serious injury claims.

Makin Life Easier can also undertake complex bespoke assessments and reports that would not be available from statutory services. These may include housing assessments or moving and handling issues.