Makin Life Easier routinely undertakes workplace, or vocational rehabilitation, therefore helping an individual with a health condition return to work or start working, or enabling them to continue working.Assess

Makin Life Easier can assess a client’s workplace, assess a client’s role at work, assess a client’s ability to carry out work activities, and find methods or equipment to help with this, assist with finding a way to manage a client’s condition at work, provide any necessary additional training and help employers manage an individual’s return to work and increase their awareness of a particular condition.

Leisure rehabilitationLeisure

Makin Life Easier can address client’s leisure needs such as participating in a hobby or attending social events. Providing practical ways that may enable clients to continue to participate in leisure activities may help prevent people feeling isolated because of their condition, and improve their quality of life.

Makin Life Easier may be able to identify easier ways of carrying out tasks or using different techniques or specially adapted tools / equipment.

Activity grading and graded exposure

A key method that Makin Life Easier may use to encourage a clients return to work or resume leisure activities is with activity grading. This means breaking down an activity into stages that then become increasingly more difficult. As an individual feels more confident with an aspect of an activity they would then progress to the next stage and therefore eventually meet their goal.

Graded exposure may also be used. This is similar to activity grading, but is more focused on dealing with the emotion and psychology around why an individual may be avoiding a particular activity.

We aim to improve a clients ability to carry out everyday activities that have been affected by illness, injury or surgery.

We can also address other areas of an individual’s life that has been affected including work and leisure