‘I received an Occupational Therapy report regarding our living conditions for a Government Department. The service was excellent and very precise and Kate returned all calls and emails promptly. The final report was brilliant, well presented and exactly what was required’.

Allen, Warrington

"Excellent communication I was made fully aware of what was happening at all stages."

Barbara, Cheshire

"With her knowledge and expertise, and innovative strategies, she built up a relationship where she was able to explore my brothers interests and develop ways for carers, and family, to incorporate these into his day to day activities."

Jane, Durham

"I was also very impressed by the speed with which you were able to assimilate all the background paperwork, and carry out the home visit, interview, your research, and the compilation of your report."

F Cannon, Aviation Accident Lawyer

Recent Work

Full functional assessment for a client in the North West who had a significant brain injury. This then led to a number of recommendations being made for specialist aids to assist this client including a specialist profiling bed, a tilt in space easychair and specialist In chair slings. The provision of these aids promoted the client’s level of independence, increased their level of safety and also ensured the safety of the care team undertaking routine moving and handling procedures.

Expert Witness report for a national Personal Injury Solicitors. This involved assessing a client in the North East who had suffered significant hand and upper limb injuries as a result of an accident at work. A full Occupational Therapy assessment was undertaken and an Expert Witness Occupational Therapy and Care Report compiled. This addressed the client’s past, present and potential future care needs and the costs associated with this. The report provided was a high quality quantum report compiled on behalf of the claimant.

Large scale housing project as part of a major housing modernisation programme in the North East. This involved Makin Life Easier undertaking over one hundred assessments to ensure that individual tenants had their health and mobility needs met in relation to any necessary adaptations being undertaken as part of the modernisation programme. This included tenants having level access showers installed due to significant difficulty bathing and also level access into the property for tenants with severe mobility problems. Had the assessments not been undertaken and the correct recommendations made tenants would have been given a ‘standard’ home and not one that fully meet their needs.

Specialist seating assessment for a client with severe physical and learning disabilities. Makin Life Easier has extensive experience in the field of seating and an in depth assessment was undertaken to ensure that the client’s seating needs were fully met. A number of specialist seating companies were able to bring out chairs for the client to try as Makin Life Easier has effective links with many of these companies meaning that free, no obligation, trials can often be arranged. The final outcome was that the client received a specialist, tilt in space easychair that fully met their needs both in terms of pressure care and comfort.

One to one therapeutic intervention for a family whose father had become depressed and did not wish to engage in any form of activity. Makin Life Easier developed a therapeutic relationship with the client and explored his former interests and activities. Developing a personalised activity programme the client gradually began to engage in meaningful activities. This not only had a positive impact on his mood but also provided a range of activities that his family and carers were later able to use to engage with him in a meaningful way.