Moving & Handling

Poor moving and handling can lead to back pain and musculoskeletal disorders, often resulting in sickness or being unable to work; accidents causing injury either to the person being moved or the person carrying out the task, or both; discomfort and a lack of dignity for the individual being moved.

Makin Life Easier is aware of the risks in relation to moving and handling and is therefore able to assist both employers, and employees, in ensuring that they are safe and that they are preventing or minimising the risk of injury.

Makin Life Easier is able to assist and advise carers who may need to be physically assist someone to move. Makin Life Easier is able to provide advice in relation to the safest moving and handling techniques and also what equipment is available that may make moving and handling tasks safer and easier. For example the following areas may need to be addressed: getting in / out of bed; turning over in bed; sitting up in bed; bathing or showering; toileting; sitting in a chair; standing or walking; getting up from the floor after a fall; getting in / out of a vehicle.

Equipment that Makin Life Easier may then recommend might include slide sheets, stand aids, hoists and transfer boards.

Full moving and handling risk assessments can also be provided to meet an individual’s needs or for the purpose of a private carer, care agency or care home.