Driving Aids

Makin Life Easier undertakes driving assessments for clients who, due to the nature of their illness or disability, are unable to drive a standard vehicle.

There are a wide variety of aids available to enable clients to return to, or to continue, driving. These include steering aids, infra red system devices, countless options for gear selection and hand controls to name but a few. Driving aids are continually developing and evolving meaning that clients, even with profound physical disabilities and very restricted movement, can drive.
Countless aids are also available to assist with transfers in and out of a vehicle both for a disabled driver or passenger including vehicle steps, wheelchair hoists, ramps and winches.

Makin Life Easier has effective links with vehicle adaptation specialists meaning that a joint assessment can be undertaken to identify the best type of aid to meet an individual's needs. In most instances a free, no obligation, demonstration can be arranged to ensure that a client is able to safely and competently drive using the specified aid.

The level of freedom and independence that comes with being able to drive or return to driving following an accident or injury is immeasurable. The cost of the necessary driving aids is often a more cost effective solution in the longer term as an alternative to private taxi or transport costs.

The ability to drive also often means that an individual is able to resume or return to work and for some wheelchair users being able to transport their wheelchair in their own vehicle is vital to ensure their quality of life and freedom.

Makin Life Easier believes that if an individual has a desire to return to driving then, whatever the nature of their physical illness or disability, in most instances this goal can be achieved. Often individuals are unaware of the wide variety of driving aids available and most aids can be adapted to specifically meet an individual's needs. 

Makin Life Easier can offer and, through liaison with a specialist vehicle adaptation company, provide an assessment and demonstration of the necessary driving aids.