Large Scale Contracts

Makin Life Easier routinely undertakes large scale contracts, mainly for housing associations and other housing providers.Our flexible working times enable large scale contracts to be completed within a short time period. Please get in touch should you have any queries.

Makin Life Easier recently undertook a large scale project for a major housing association. This involved assessing over one hundred individual tenants as part of a large scale modernisation programme.

Makin Life Easier's involvement meant that each individual tenant had a thorough assessment and the subsequent recommendations made to the housing association meant that their property would be modernised to meet their health and mobility needs.

This ensured satisfaction not only from the tenant but also the housing provider as this would inevitably save money in the longer term if adaptations, for example, level access showers were installed during the modernisation works rather than at a later date.

Having Makin Life Easier undertake all large scale assessments ensures consistency and offers a personable service to clients.