Care Homes

Increasingly Makin Life Easier is contacted by families who have loved ones in a residential or nursing home. It may be that the family are concerned about a person's level of care or that they do not have access to the specialist equipment that they require. Makin Life Easier can undertake an assessment of any individual in a care home setting and offer an independent, impartial opinion regarding the person's level of care and equipment needs. Often the waiting times for an individual to be assessed by an Occupational Therapist in a care home can be lengthy but Makin Life Easier is able to undertake an assessment promptly and provide immediate recommendations.

Makin Life Easier has carried out many assessments and interventions in care homes including providing activity and postural management programmes. These have been for clients whose families have been concerned about their level of inactivity and poor sitting posture, often spending long periods of time in bed.

Assessments are also routinely undertaken by Makin Life Easier for specialist equipment including specialist beds, hoists and slings, specialist seating and wheelchairs. Often in a care setting an expert opinion is required in determining what equipment a person should have and how this should be safely used.

In a care home setting there are many vulnerable people and families can often feel concerned that they 'do not have a voice' or feel unable to express concerns regarding care. This is when it can be extremely beneficial to have an independent professional involved to act on the individual / family's behalf and raise concerns. Makin Life Easier has worked closely with the Care Quality Commission and local authority Safeguarding Teams in raising concerns about care and supporting families in doing the same. Families often do not have the confidence to do this alone.

Whatever a family's concern is regarding a care home whether it be a person's level of care, poor use or lack of equipment or concern regarding inactivity Makin Life Easier can help. A full holistic assessment can be undertaken and recommendations and guidance given on how to make a person's care as safe and as dignified as it should be for all individuals, whatever their needs.